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Oil and Fats Inspection In Ahmedabad

Oil and Fats Inspection In Ahmedabad

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CIL Provides Accredited Edible Oil & Fats Inspection Services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.Edible Oil is used and consumed by households, institutionsand industries all over the world. It can be said the back bone of cooking isoil. Vegetable Oils come in a vast variety with different colours, flavours andblends. They are used for cooking, manufacturing of soap and detergents,production of biodiesel, used as fuel in lamps, pet food and animal feed,cosmetics, as massage oil, as dressing in salads, skin products, candles andpaints. There are some oils like Almond oil which is extremely costly and PalmOil which is comparatively cheaper. Therefore, for obvious reasons there is alot of mixing and blending of oils. Also, each oil will be of a different gradelike Raw, Refined, Cold Pressed, Virgin, Extra Virgin, Bleached and DeodorisedOils. CDG provides a comprehensive state of the art Edible Oil Testing Program.By conducting the testing and analysis of Edible Oil samples we can evaluatetheir quality, quality confirmation, blending evaluation, ensuring the rightblend vis a vis blend is supplied, to ensure there is no contamination, confirmand validate if the Edible Oil meets the technical and environmentalrequirements of national and international standards. Tests for Edible Oil arecarried out as per FSSAI,  PFA,  BIS. What are the benefits of Edible OilTesting, To ensure that the Edible Oil is safe for consumption and there is notrace of contamination, adulteration or racidity. To ensure that the Edible Oilconforms with the national and international standards like FSSAI and othergoverning bodies. To Determine the Shelf Life of the Edible Oil to establishthe consumption period or the Best Before date which helps maintain the qualityof the final product. Edible Oils play a huge part in our nutrition, providingour bodies with nutrients and the essential unsaturated fatty acids, which canbe determined through testing. What are the various tests for Edible Oilcarried out by CDG, Full Test as per FSSAI ,  PFA ,  BIS, Gas Liquid Chromatography (GLC) forestimation of Fatty Acids, Saturated and Unsaturated Fatty Acids,Monounsaturated Fatty Acids, Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, Trans Fatty Acids,Omega 3, 6 & 9. Shelf Life, Due to their susceptibility to oxidation fromthe exposure to oxygen, heat and light, resulting in the formation of oxidationproducts, such as peroxides and hydroperoxides, plant oils rich inpolyunsaturated fatty acids have a limited shelf life. Why is it important totest your Edible Oils , To ensure that the oils and fats are pure, edible, freefrom rancidity and of the right grade it is essential to test the oils so thatit meets their entire specification. The oil has to meet the standards laiddown by FSSAI and as per Prevention of Food Adulteration Act and othergoverning bodies like Bureau of Indian Standards. Our chemists, scientists andresearchers have in depth knowledge and have understanding the quality and thecomposition of the oil. Our testing process is accurate, timely, precise andaffordable. Our team handles each sample and your testing and analysis needswith accurate and service oriented approach, ensuring you get the results youneed in your respective market and industry.

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