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Edible Oil and Fats Inspection In Jaipur

Edible Oil and Fats Inspection In Jaipur

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CIL Provides Accredited Edible Oil & Fats Inspection Services in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.CDG provide expert, one stop inspection, testing andassurance services for all types of vegetable and animal oils, and fatscargoes.CDG tests and inspects edible vegetable and animal fats and oils. Weput a one stop solution at your disposal which provides reliable quality andquantity assurance as well as safety and traceability of any liquid cargothroughout the supply chain and as per latest FOSFA standards. Our FOG andmarine insurance administrators also deliver tailor made risk managementpackages to a wide variety of oil and fat commodity traders. CDG is an Analystmember and a superintendent member of FOSFA, the Federation of Oils, Seeds andFats Association. Testing the dropping point according to the AOCS Cc18 80standard is widely used to control edible oil and fat quality. Learn how tomeasure compliant with standards and to automatically obtain repeatable andreliable results. Edible fats and oils are widely consumed in food products andare frequently used in food processing. The selection of suitable raw materialsis paramount for the production of high quality end products. Unsuitable rawmaterials or mixtures may significantly impact the quality of the end productas well as consumer satisfaction. Therefore, an exact understanding of thethermal behavior of fats and oils under various temperatures is required.Edible fats and oils gradually melt within a large melting interval, which iswhy the determination of the dropping point is one of the few methods toefficiently test edible oils for reliable quality control. Standard compliantsample preparation. The dropping point of edible fats and oils is influenced bythe sample preparation. To achieve comparable results, the AOCS (American OilChemists Society) standard demands melting the sample in order to fill thestandardized cup as preparation.ion. Subsequently, the sample must be cooled ina freezer capable of providing temperatures below  10 degree C in order to ensure completesolidification prior to measurements. The innovative sample preparation tool ofMETTLER TOLEDO DP90 Excellence allows conveniently filling liquefied sampleinto four dropping point cups at a time without contaminating the outersurface. Once these have solidified, any excess sample can be removed with aspatula to make it uniform with the cups outer margin. This ensures evenfilling and therefore increases result repeatability. Standard compliant droppingpoint tests, Some edible fats, such as cocoa butter or red palm oil, have droppoints close to or even below ambient temperature. As stipulated by the AOCSstandard, the respective tests must be performed at sub ambient temperatures.This requires cooling the measuring device. The separate measuring cell of theDP90 Excellence can be easily placed in a freezer and operated from the outsidewith the separate control unit. Once the measuring cell is cooled to thedesired temperature, controlled heating in line with the programmed methodstarts and the dropping point is detected. Even the drop point of oils such ascanola or olive oil that are liquid at room temperature can be measured withthe DP90, whose measuring cell was cooled to sub zero temperatures in thefreezer. Standard compliant test results, The dropping point of products or rawmaterials, such as, Butter, Margarine, Ghee, Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Palmoil or fat, Palm seed oil, Rapeseed oil, Olive or canola oil can be determinedwith the DP90 Excellence drop point system with low standard deviations   farbelow the maximum repeatability required by the AOCS standard. This ensuresreliable quality control and enhanced result comparability based on atrustworthy measurement system that easily outperforms any established manualmeasuring device and method.



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