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Ingress Protection (IP) Testing in Surat

Ingress Protection (IP) Testing in Surat

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IP, standing for an Ingress Protection is often found in theform of a table. An IP rating is a measure of an enclosure or cases ability toresist items entering it.This could be large items such as a hand, or smallitems such as dust, or even water.If you would like IP ratings explained infull, this blog will provide you with all the information you need.Otherwiseknown as Ingress Protection. An IP certification rating table or chart, hasbeen constructed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) forinternational use. EN 60529 is the subsequent British standard.IPRatings are classified by categorical codes. These, in turn,summarise the scale of protection offered from estranged articles such as,substantial objects, dirt and moisture.How the Coding Works,Thetwo digits of IP ratings explained,The IEC standard 60529provides you with a more detailed guide than more generic marketingterms often applied when talking about water resistance.This means you candetermine the exact levels of protection against moisture. Instead of an itemsimply being waterproof.An IP rating is, in summary, a two digit code. Thefirst digit establishes the level of protection against intrusion of foreignbodies. The second the resistance against moisture intrusion.Together, thisinforms you of precise the level of protection that will be offered by thespecific case or enclosure.Any product with an IP rating must withstand anassortment of tests. These tests determine the items efficiency in arange of circumstances.Ultimately, an IP rating allows to you be ableto make an educated choice regarding the appropriateness of the productssuitability for your specific application.Detailed information on IP ratingclassifications, Below, which specify what each digit inthe IP level relates to.0,No protection.1,Objects greater than 50mm,Protectsfrom large parts of the body such as the back of the hand but, will not protectdeliberate contact with body parts.2,Objects greater than 12.5 mm,Protectsagainst fingers and objects of a similar size to the fingers.3,Objectsgreater than 2.5mm,Tools and thick cables are included in this level.4,Objectsgreater than 1 mm,Includes most wires, screws and large ants orsmall insects.5,Dust protected,Some protection from dust as longas its not exposed to a large quantity,6,Dust tightA vacuum must beapplied and will protect against contact of dust.Designation of additionalinformation, In addition to the tables above, the IEC also makeuse of additional letters to provide further related information. Thisinformation details the protection of the device.A breakdown of theseletters and their meanings are as follows,F, Oil resistance,H, Highvoltage device,M, Device moving during water test,S, Devicemoving during water test,W, Weather conditions.


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