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Ingress Protection (IP) Testing in indore

Ingress Protection (IP) Testing in indore

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electrical enclosure ratings. At the end of the day, water ingresstesting equipment is essential to user and consumer safety.Solid ParticleIP Testing,A products susceptibility to solid particle ingress is determinedthrough the use of calibrated IP testing equipment. Solid foreign objects caninclude fingers and other solid items. It also can include using sand testingand dust testing.To test larger solid objects, IP testingfacilities will use calibrated items of certain dimensions. These items arealso called accessibility probes to see if there are openings in a case thatallow penetration.For the dust test, the test item is placed in a dust chamber.The dust is a calibrated material that is agitated so that it is suspended inthe chamber and covers the test item. Once the dust ingress testing iscompleted, the outside of the enclosure is thoroughly cleaned. The enclosure isthen opened to see how much dust is inside.Water Ingress Protection Testing,There are several methods of determining if a case is a waterproofenclosure. The waterproofness testing can include liquid of various levels,volumes and test durations. Products can be exposed to dripping water testing. They can also undergo driving rain tests or spraying water tests. The driving rain or water jet test can be from a garden hose or a fire hose.Immersion testing is also a component of ingress protection IPtesting. The test item is immersed in water. The depth of the submersion andtime of exposure is defined in the international standards. Different productsmust be immersion proof to meet the IP test standard requirements.Liquids forIP testing can also be conditioned. Products going on ships may need to betested in cold water. The liquids can also be corrosive. For example, we havecompleted several ocean simulations. Products were immersed in cold salt waterto simulate ocean conditions. Few IP Code labs can conduct this testing.How isan IP Code Determined,The IP Code has two digits. The code ranges from IP0X toIPX9. The first digit ranges from 0 to 6. It is the ingress protection againstsolid bodies. The second digit ranges from 0 to 9. It  is the ingressprotection against liquids. The two digits in an ingress protection markingcode are completely independent of each other.Some devices only need to be IPrated to one of the two digits. If a product is only tested to liquid and notsolids, it can have an x for the solids digit. This is why the testing issometimes called IPX testing. Given these parameters, there are 70 combinationsof ingress protection codes.To provide some examples of IP Codes, IP 67 test,The test item is dust tight and provides immersion protection up to 1 meter.IPx4testing, The item was not tested to solids but provides splashing water ingressprotection. For more information, view our list of Popular IP Code Standards.What is IP69K Testing,There is on IP code casetest different than the rest. IP 69K ratings represent an enclosure that is dusttight and liquid resistant from high pressure and high temperature water jets.The IP69K rating is also considered steam jet testing. This rating provides thehighest level of case, enclosure and seal testing.What are the Most CommonEnclosure Protection Standards,One of the most popular enclosure testingstandards is IEC 60529 EN 60529CDG ingressprotection is also very popular. Some of the other popular standards are IEC60598 and ISO 20653. There is a cross reference chart between NEMA andIP Codes, which has been included below.Why CDG has the Best IP Code Test Lab,FromIP0X to IPX9, CDG can accommodate every ingress protection test needed. Our ISO17025 accreditation includes all 70 IP rating combinations. Our experience setsus apart. Keystone helps manufacturers determine ingress points in theirproducts. We also are experts at identifying potential solutions.Our competentengineers are exceptional at interpreting the IP standards. This providesmanufacturers with help in determining acceptable amounts of ingress. If theunit that requires testing is too large to move, no problem. We have experiencecompleting ingress protection testing at our customers facilities.Our customers enjoy our short lead times. We take pride in ourability to explain the process and testing requirements. CDG also offersconsultative ingress protection engineering support when failures occur. From abudget perspective, our pricing is affordable. This combination has made us oneof the fastest growing companies in the country.We are also one of the mostrespected enclosure testing labs in the country. Contact us to receive aquote for ingress protection testing. You will see why we are the only ingressprotection lab for so many manufacturers from around the country.

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