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Ingress Protection (IP) Testing in Nagpur

Ingress Protection (IP) Testing in Nagpur

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Ingress ProtectionTesting includes Many products undergo a variety of tests before they reach themarket. These tests include product safety testing, electromagneticcompatibility, vibration testing and many others.Ingress Protection testing, orIP testing, tests a products ability to protect against ingress, that is, theinfiltration of water, dust and foreign objects. Some of the standards relatedto IP testing are MIL STD 810 Military, RTCA DO 160 Radio Technical Commissionfor Aeronautics, and IEC 60529 International Electrotechnical Commission.Thereare several reasons for ingress testing, including safety, functionality andproduct marketing.Many products require insulation from outside elements inorder to function properly. Those outside elements include mist, steam, sprayedwater, sand, oil and even fingers, just to name a few. Ingress protectiontesting helps determine whether a particular product is going to functionappropriately when placed in the field.What Products Need to Be ProtectedAgainst Ingress,Different products require different levels of testing anddifferent types of testing. Generally, ingress protection is divided intotesting for ingress from foreign objects or liquids. With many products, thepoint where it would be most likely to fail comes at a seam between two parts.Testingat the Seams,Dust and water can find their way inside a product at a seam thatjoins two parts. Therefore, seams between components are often sealed by agasket either a rigid or a flexible gasket.Rigid gaskets provide structuralstability and greater protection against ingress than flexible gaskets, andflexible gaskets may provide greater overall functionality for the product.However, flexible gaskets often present a challenge when trying to keep out theelements. Their flexibility can sometimes leave small gaps in a seal where theoutside environment can find its way inside the product.In addition, gasketsare sometimes fitted improperly or are screwed or bolted with too little or toomuch pressure. Either way, a gap in the seam between two components candevelop, and it can provide a source for outside elements to work their wayinto the product.More Generalized Ingress Testing,Some ingress testing isconducted under a variety of temperature and pressure settings. This isimportant because in certain cases, contact with water can change the internalpressure of a component. If thats important, specific materials such as Gore Texcan be used to vent pressure differentials.In other cases, a device might needto allow air to flow through it, but it still must block water. For example,consider a microphone that will record a singer singing a tune. It functions byoperating on the pressure waves caused by the singers voice, but any water thatmight flow into the microphone could render it useless.Fortunately, water hassurface tension, and it can be impeded by a mesh made of either plastic orwire. The mesh traps the water and mostly prevents it from entering themicrophone, while the mesh still lets air flow freely.What Products NeedIngress Protection,In India, many products that are governed by engineeringstandards must indicate an ingress protection (or IP) rating. These productsinclude computers, laboratory equipment, certain medical devices, lightfixtures as well as products that must remain dust free or moisture resistant.Items that are sealed and will likely be placed in hazardous places also needIP ratings.In certain cases, IP testing is voluntary, but sellers often askmanufacturers for an IP rating before placing a product in inventory. Forexample, a hardware store might demand that all outdoor lights it sells comewith an IP rating against ingress from moisture. The hardware store doesnt wantto get a lot of returned merchandise or be liable in case of some accident thatoccurs because of a failure of the product. In a case like this, its incumbenton the manufacturer to meet the sellers standards.Some other typical productsthat need ingress protection include components in automotive and militaryapplications. In these cases, water pressure testing is crucial because watercan foul the system. Water is often used for cleaning, however, so the productmust be resistant to water potentially entering sensitive components.Waterspray testing can help ensure gaskets that cover seals in these systems arewell fitted. Its also important to consider spray testing can involve waterdispensed at high velocity, which presents its own challenges.Sometimes watercan work its way past even a well sealed gasket. Ensuring the gasket includes ashield that blocks water spray can be important in maintaining theserviceability of a gasket in these conditions.Other common items that requireingress protection testing include electrical sockets, cell phones,refrigerators (particularly their electric motors) and wrist watches.

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