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Ingress Protection (IP) Testing in Gangtok

Ingress Protection (IP) Testing in Gangtok

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Ingress protection ratings or IP ratings, refer tothe level of protection offered by an electrical enclosure, against solids andliquids.In an environment where dust or water could damage electronic components,a sealed enclosure is used to prevent such ingress and safe house theelectronics.They are commonly used for applications which may be exposed to theelements, as well as dust or moisture. Typical industries include marine,offshore oil and gas platforms, security, lighting, leisure, food processingand more.IP Ratings Explained,The letters IP are always followed by twonumerals which indicate the degree of protection offered, according to theBritish Standard BS EN 60529 1992 (as listed below).E.g. IP67  The first digit (6) represents the protectionagainst solid objects and the second number (7), against water. So an IP67enclosure completely prevents ingress of dust (6) and protects againsttemporary immersion in water for up to 1 metre for 30 minutes (7).Protectionagainst solid objects,0, No protection, No test required.1, Protected againstobjects greater than 50mm diameter,2,Protected against objects greater than12.5mm diameter, such as a finger,3,Protected against objects greater than2.5mm,4, Protected against objects greater than 1.0mm such as wire,5, Ingressof dust is not totally prevented but dust does not enter in harmful quantitiesto interfere with the correct operation or impair safety,6, No ingress of dustpermitted.Protection against water,0, No protection , No test required,1,Protected against falling drops of water,2, Protected against drops falling at15 in 4 fixed positions
3, Low pressure spray, similar to shower head at up to 60 from vertical tested usingan oscillating tube with an arc of 60 for ten minutes,4, Low pressure spray,similar to shower head, as per numeral 3 but 180 for 10 minutes,5, Medium pressure jet, 6.3mm diameter, similar to garden hose, from any anglefor 3 minutes at a distance of 2.5, 3 metres.6, High pressure jet,12.5mmdiameter, similar to fire hose, from any angle for 3 minutes at a distance of2.5 3 meters.7, Immersion, for temporary immersion in water under setconditions,1 metre for 30 minutes,8, Protected against the effects ofcontinuous immersion in water, ingress of water in quantities causing harmfuleffects shall not be possible. Conditions should be more severe than fornumeral 7.9, Steam clean, high pressure, high temp jet wash to DIN40050 (GermanStd), extends BS EN 60529 1992,IP Enclosures at CDG,At CDG, we can offer 
IP54 enclosures,which are suited to light duty environments that may require some level ofprotection from dust.For more demanding applications, we also manufacture IP66 and IP68 enclosures.These are suited to industries mentioned previously in this article, where theapplications are located in tough environments and therefore ingress protectionis a priority.In addition, our IP66 and IP68 enclosuresare available in a heavy duty version for a durable enclosure. They are oftenused for deep water applications, or when the engineer requires resilientcasing for the electronic components.

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