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Ingress Protection (IP) Testing in Jaipur

Ingress Protection (IP) Testing in Jaipur

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Most electronic and other device manufacturers use the IP(Ingress Protection) scale, which ranges from 1 to 8. IPX1 is the lowest levelof waterproofing, indicating that the item is not intended to be used in wateror when wet. An IPX8 rating indicates that the item can be submerged and stillfunction properly, though the depth and time of submersion vary. An IP ratingof 7 is used for most electronics. This generally means that the device is notintended to be submerged, but if it is and is immediately removed, it shouldcontinue to function normally.ISO 20653 and IEC 60529 are waterproof testingstandards. Each of these outlines proper ingress protection testing proceduresand ratings. When non waterproof products become wet, they can cause operationfailure, corrosion, mould, electrical hazards such as fire or shock, or otherphysical damage.The following are tests that can and have been conducted,Waterproof testing ofmedical alert devices to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) IPcode rating IPX6 is required in a laboratory. A materials laboratory isrequired for ASTM testing for membrane waterproofing to ASTM C836, StandardSpecification for High Solids Content, Cold Liquid Applied ElastomericWaterproofing Membrane for Use with Separate Wearing Course.A consumer productsperformance laboratory is required for clothing waterproof testing. MIL SPECsor other industry standard tests,An accredited UK laboratory is required forconstruction building product testing of flexible sheets for waterproofing toBS EN 12691, as well as impact resistance determination to BS EN 12730. Staticloading resistance and EN 1847 for building products are determined.Methods forexposing oneself to liquid chemicals, such as water.IngressProtection Rating,The Ingress Protection (IP) rating describes the type and degree ofingress protection provided by an enclosure. An IP rating is obtained throughthe use of standardized tests. The ratings are divided into two categories, solid bodies (foreign objects and dust)(the first number after IP) and liquids (such as water) (the second numberafter IP).Testing and Test Plan Support,Water and dust tests for the IEC 60529 standard are possiblewith water proofing test equipment on a variety of products. IP testingcan be included in customer specifictest plans. The testing procedure is divided into two steps.The device is firstexposed to either solids or dustor water using a standardized protocol. The functional test is the next step.The latter can be either an optical inspection or a more focused functionaltest, both of which can be performed at our IP test facility or at the customerslocation.Dust Testing,Medical devices and consumer electronics are frequently subjected todust testing. Dust can enter enclosures through openings such as fans andvents. As a result, dust can accumulate inside the device, causing productlongevity and safety issues, and in the worst case scenario, dust explosions. Military products, as well as mining andconstruction equipment, necessitate dust testing.Ratings for Ingress by Water,IPX0, The item is completely unprotectedagainst ingress water.IPX1, The item is protected fromvertically falling water droplets, which means that any droplets that fall onit will not cause damage or disrupt component functionality.IPX2, This rating improves on IPX1 by providingprotection from water droplets falling at an angle of up to 15 degrees fromvertical.IPX3, The item is protected from sprayed water up to a60 degree angle from verticalimpact. The spray can be oscillating with a flow rate that varies depending onthe item being tested.IPX4, This rating adds protectionagainst splashing water from all directions to the IPX3 rating. It is done byexposing something to an oscillating spray for at least 10 minutes. When thereis limited ingress and no harmful effects, an item passes.IPX5, If there is limited ingress with no harmfuleffects, the item is protected from low pressure water jets directed from any angle.IPX6, IPX5 isextended with this rating. In this test, the water pressure can reach 1 bar.IPX7, This rating goes further than IPX6 and indicatesprotection from temporary immersion in water. The rating is given afterimmersing an item in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes with no harmful effects.IPX8, This rating extends the IPX7 rating forimmersion in water to a greater depth and to longer periods of time. Theconditions of the immersion are agreed upon between the manufacturer and thetesting facility.Standard Ratings for Ingress by Dust, IP5X, (Dust protected) This is tested by inspectionto ensure any dust that enters would not interfere with the partsfunctionality.IP6X, (Dust tight) This rating implies there can be noingress of dust at all.

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