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Ingress Protection (IP) Testing in Ghaziabad

Ingress Protection (IP) Testing in Ghaziabad

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IngressProtection testing evaluates the resistance to particle and liquid entry for anenclosed product. After testing has been performed, the product receives an IPrating, based on IEC 60529, according to the achieved resistance to solidparticles and liquids.We have the capability to evaluate your product for dustand water resistance according to the IEC 60529 standard for ingressprotection. To achieve compliance to common standards or NEMA classifications,products must demonstrate an acceptable level of ingress protection. IP ratingsare also often required by sellers or retailers before a product is purchasedfrom manufacturers and resold to consumers, regardless of a products intent toprotect against dust or water.Whether verifying advertising claims, providingIP ratings for retailers, or testing ingress protection against industryrequirements, CDG can provide all relevant testing and evaluation from a singlesource laboratory. As the worlds first NRTL, our stamp of approval givescustomers, retailers and regulatory bodies confidence that the product inquestion meets advertised claims and performs as intended.Our IngressProtection (IP Testing) Capabilities,Ratings for Solids (Dust and ForeignObjects),IP5X, Protects object from limited dust,IP6X , Object is dust tight,Ratingsfor Liquids (Water),IPX1 , Shields against water falling vertically,IPX2 ,Shields against water falling vertically with component tilted up to 15 deg,IPX3, Shields against water falling vertically with component tilted up to 60 deg,IPX4, Shields against water splashing from all directions,IPX5 , Shields againstjets of water with little water permitted,IPX6 , Shields against heavy seas ofwater projected with powerful jets,IPX7 , Protects against the effects ofimmersion in water between 15cm and 1m below surface from 30 minutes,IPX8 ,Protects against the effects of immersion in water under pressure for longperiods,IPX9 , Shields against the effects of high pressure temperature waterjet,Most Requested or Required Ratings,IP65 Enclosures , Protects Against WaterJets,IP66 Enclosures , Protects Against Powerful Water Jets,IP67 Enclosures ,Protects Against Immersion up to 1m.Related Standards,IEC 60529, IEC 60068 2 68,ISO2065, GR 20, GR 326, GR 409, GR 487, GR 771, GR 1081, NEMA 250, EN 60945, FOTP 12,FOTP 82, RTCA DO 160MIL STD 810ETS 300 019 2 1 through  8,When it comes to shoppingfor electronic devices there is no shortage of information being thrown at youfrom all directions. One that you hear of often is the ingress protectionrating or IP rating for short. This week CDG are going to break down IPratings and provide some additional information about them so next time you arebuying electronics you know that it is more than just letters and numbers.Ingress Protection,Lets start with the basics. Ingress, by definition, is theaction or fact of going in or entering. The ingress protection ratingclassifies the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of solidobjects (including body parts like hands and fingers), dust, accidentalcontact, and water in electrical enclosures. Essentially, when you hear that apiece of electronic equipment is water resistant or waterproof the IP ratingprovides the actual value to which the device is protected.The Breakdown,So now that we know whatexactly the IP rating is, lets talk a little bit about how it works. IP ratingsare given to a wide variety of electronic devices like your cell phone,flashlights, power tools, and two way radios. IP ratings are especially importantwhen it comes to electronic devices that may be used in high voltagesituations. In fact, there are often standards that electrical instruments mustmeet in order to be used for certain types of work,IP Value,  In its most simpleform, IP values function as you would expect. The higher the value the moreprotected the internal components of the device are. We have established thatthe IP stands for ingress protection, but what about the number value, Thefirst digit rates the device for ingress by foreign objects and dust. Thisnumber is going to tell you what kinds of solids could potentially enter theenclosure. This digit is rated on a scale from 0 to 6 with 0 meaning noprotection from any solid object and 6 meaning complete protection from the smallestsolids like microscopic dust particles. The second digit defines the electricalinstruments resistance to ingress by liquids. This digit is rated on a scalefrom 0 to 8 with 0 meaning no resistance to liquids whatsoever and 8 meaningthe enclosure has complete protection. For both digits, the values betweendefine various tests and procedures done to evaluate the protection level ofthe device.

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