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Pre-Shipment Inspection in Gurgaon

Pre-Shipment Inspection in Gurgaon

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CIL Provides Accredited Pre-Shipment Inspection Services in Gurgaon.Pre shipment inspections (PSI) is defined as thecertification of the value, quality, and or identity of traded goods done inthe exporting country by specialized agencies or firms on behalf of theimporting country. Traditionally used as a means to prevent over or under invoicing,it is now being used as a security measure.Pre shipment inspections arerequired when mandated by the government of the importing country. Governmentsassert that pre shipment inspections ensure that the price charged by theexporter reflects the true value of the goods, prevent substandard goods fromentering their country, and mitigate attempts to avoid the payment of customsduties. Pre shipment inspections are typically performed by contracted privateorganizations. In most cases, importers can select from a short list of theseorganizations when planning inspections. However, sometimes one firm isappointed to carry out inspections for a given country on an exclusive bases.  Inspection costs are generally paid either bythe importer or by the government of the importing country. However in somecases, the inspection agency may invoice the seller in the event ofsupplementary inspection visits. The costs associated with presenting the goodsfor inspection (such as unpacking, handling, testing, sampling, repackaging)are the responsibility of the seller. Although the importer is responsible forarranging the pre shipment inspection, the exporter must make the goodsavailable for inspection in the country of origin. Delays in the process canlead to problems with the shipment and or increased costs for the exporter.Therefore, it is in the best interest of exporters to work with their freightforwarder to ensure that all information is accurate and is provided to theinspection company immediately after notification of the requested inspection.Requirements for pre shipment inspections are sometimes spelled out in lettersof credit or other documents.  Generally,the inspection company starts the inspection process once it receives a copy ofthe inspection order from the importing country. An inspection order states thevalue of goods, the name and address of the importer and the exporter, thecountry of supply, and the importers declaration of customs code. Theinspection company then contacts the exporter to arrange an inspection site andtime. The steps of the Pre shipment inspection process are usually as follows,The importer opens an importdocument or license, The importer informs the inspection service in the countryof import of a pending shipment, and either pays for the inspection up front orpays a percentage based on the value of the commercial invoice, depending onthe terms of the importing countrys inspection contract. An inspection order isforwarded to the inspection company office in the country of export. Theinspection company contacts the exporter to arrange date, time, and locationfor inspection. It also requests all required shipping documents and priceinformation (invoices). The exporter must provide these documents in a timelymanner to avoid demurrage or other penalties. The inspection is performed. Ifno discrepancies are noted during the inspection, and once all final documentsare received from the importer and exporter, a Clean Report of Findings isissued confirming the shipments value, customs classification, and clearance.The final documents required for issuance of the Clean Report of Findings varyby contract but most often include a final invoice and bill of lading or airwaybill. The goods are shipped to the importing country. The importer uses theinspection report to get the imported goods released from customs. If goodsreach the border of the importing country without inspection, they usually haveto be re exported to a nearby country for inspection prior to re entry or aresubject to heavy penalties.

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