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Ingress Protection (IP) Testing in Chennai

Ingress Protection (IP) Testing in Chennai

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CDG India IP65 Testing Labs offers a full range of IP65 Testing services. CDG India is fully equipped to test and approve a wide range of electrical products and equipment for organizational and governmental certifications, from battery chargers and lighting equipment to medical electrical equipment and wireless devices. IP65Testing And certification,IP65 Rating  orIP65 Certification, The first digit 6 shows complete protection against contact with live or moving parts inside the enclosure and against the ingress of dust. Meaning of second digit 5 already described above. IP Enclosure Ratings and Standards Explained. The IP rating is also known as Ingress Protection or International Protection ratings which are defined to the international standard of EN 60529, BS EN 60529 1992, IEC 60509 1989. These standards are used to define the levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies such as dirt and water. The rating consists of the letters IP followed by 2 digits, the first digit stands for the level of protection that the enclosure provides against solid bodies, the second digit describes the degree of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against water.IP65, First Digit, Solids,IP65, Second Digit, Liquids. Below is easy to follow the chart to help you decide which IP rating or IP Codes you may require for your electrical enclosure, Rainford manufacturers IP rated electrical enclosures including IP54, IP65 up to IP. What is ip65 enclosure,IP65Enclosure , IP rated as dust tight and protected against water projected from a nozzle. IP66 Enclosure, IP rated as dust tight and protected against heavy seasor powerful jets of water. IP 67 Enclosures , IP rated as dust tight and protected against immersion. Is ip65 waterproof, Example, With an IP65 rating, the LEDs can be used in an outside setting and are water resistant but they are not waterproof and are not suitable to be submerged. An IP68 can be submerged in water. What are ip 65 standards, At CDG India, we utilize the standardized International Protection Code system for measuring enclosures capabilities. The IP Code reflects the degree of protection as IP followed by two numbers, the first digit shows the extent to which enclosures are protected against particles and protection to others from enclosed hazards. The second digit indicates the extent of protection against water. We carry IP65enclosures which offer complete protection against particles, and a good level of protection against water. Because all of our enclosures strictly observe the standards, you can expect first rate and competitively priced enclosures. Many products are exposed to all kinds of environmental conditions. These conditions affect the intrusion of solids/dust and water into a product. How well is your product designed to resist water and solids/ dusts? Ingress Protection Rating, The type and degree of ingress protection that an enclosure possesses is described by the Ingress Protection (IP) rating. Standardized tests are applied to obtain an IP rating. The ratings come in two sets, One is for solid bodies (foreign objects and dust) (the first number after IP), and the other is for liquids (such as water) (the second number after IP).

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