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Factory Compliance Auditing Services

Factory Compliance Auditing Services

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Factory Audits areconducted in order to ensure whether a supplier has the capability. To produceproducts in his factory while meeting all specified criteria. Not all factoriesface factory audits. But those who go through factory audits in order to obtaincertifications are categorized as industry leading.Factories who intend toattempt an entry into newer international markets. Are usually required to gothrough a thorough audit. So that it can be assured supplier has sufficientcapabilities and is following local labor laws. Factory audits also ensure thata factory has capacity to fulfill cross border needs as well. It is acomplicated, time taking and quite expensive process to keep certifications.Not all factories can afford certain certifications especially inunderdeveloped countries. Customers can choose to conduct audits via third party inspection companies.CompleteProcess,The complete process includes verification ofdocuments like financial reports, factory licenses, customer order records andcertifications etc. Detailed observation of production unit in terms ofcapacity, production, quality control, workforce, corroboration of qualitystandards being adopted and the history of social compliance issues.After thisreport is prepared to finalize the points where the supplier needsimprovements. After audits, a supplier is bind to fulfill those requirementsbefore taking any purchase orders from a new customer. A follow up audit isconducted which reports about removal of all objections implemented by ouraudit team.Social audit is a type of factory that has been in demand in thepast decade. As suggested by name, a social audit is conduct to ensure asupplier socially responsible. This audit is also call the Ethical Audit orSocial Compliance Audit. An assessment is done to conduct a social audit ofsuppliers factory by qualifying team. To find out if the supplier is followingSocial and ethical practices, International standards, domestic regulations orthe SA 8000. Thisprocess includes conducting interviews of the workers and supervisors.Analyzing overall performance and checking whether labor is physically fit, notunderage and has proper training regarding safety. Social audits then provide alist of necessary imperfections that are required by local labor laws.Preventingworkers from life and health dangers,Social auditsconducted in Asia are use to confirm. Whether the supplier has not hired childlabor. The labor is not working there forcefully. Their health is fine, theyhave adequate training, they are given proper outfits for safety at productionunit. Their wages are standard, they are allowed proper vocations and breaks.No harassment is allow at workplace and they are working in a healthyenvironment.The outcomes it provides are in the form of identification ofsocially responsible suppliers. Improvement of social compliance standards,application of domestic and global social security laws, providing workers withall labor rights. Preventing workers from life and health dangers, as well asenhancing ethical morals of suppliers,CDG FactoryAudit Services.CDG isIndia based quality inspection and factory audit company. CDGmakes sure that suppliers have the capability to meet needs of our clients. Byproducing goods in right quantity and standard quality within the requiredtime.Main services of CDG include thefactory audit. Quality assurance audit, the social audit as well as other qualityinspection services. Our only motive is to makesure suppliers are following all rules and regulations. So that clients do notface any issues due to miss commitments.

   CIL Provides Factory Compliance Audit services in India and abroad. 
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