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Factory Compliance Auditing In Pune

Factory Compliance Auditing In Pune

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Factoryaudit isconducted to ensure the supplier has a production plant which has enoughcapacity to produce the product and can manage to deliver the orders timely,the labour force is fully trained to design and construct a product, the rawmaterial has good quality and the cost is according to market rates. This allis done in order to make sure that supplier is able to deliver the right orderat right time, moreover, the factory audits also point out the lacking in aproduction department thus help the supplier to improve his work performance tosurvive in the market in a better way.Factory Audit not only benefits suppliersbut the other stakeholder as well. Suppliers do not feel it comfortable to runthird party audit in their company rather they believe to rely on their ownquality assurance department, but an external or the third party auditbasically helps to achieve following goals.For Suppliers,Quality improvement, Whenan external team audits the production unit before, after and duringproduction, it basically ensures that minor, major and critical defects areremoved from the product and the supplier then tries to avoid same defects infuture which helps the customers to get quality supply and they love the finalproduct.Customer trust, When an external stamp that this supplier is good atproduction and meets all quality requirements than customer automatically feelssafe to buy from that supplier rather than from those suppliers who appreciateinternal audit teams only. The third party inspector gets better feedbacks fromthe customers after visiting the firm physically and generates unbiased,realistic and valid reports that finally help supplier to improve himself andwin customer trust.Reliable Inspection, The internal audit team may take manythings for granted but an outsider will never overlook any detail and try tofix any possible error to make the firm 100 percent reliable, hence theexternal audit is always more detailed and reliable.For Buyers,Assurance ofFactory Existence,The customers are now shifting to online order placements andthe world of internet is full of scams, therefore, third-party audit reportsconfirm a factory actually exists.Unbiased Feedbacks gain loyal customers,Thirdparty feedbacks are not biased therefore customers trust those firms easily whohave external audits.Current overview of factory performance,The reportspresent the financial facts and figures, inclines or declines in sales peryear, human resource and corporate social responsibility of a firm which makescustomers to have a detailed overview in short time about firms performance.Such overviews help them to make quick decisions.For Vendors,ProductInformation,The vendor takes advantage of audit reports to look at the productline of a firm so that they can put bids directly to the firm that has moreproducts they actually needed and this saves their time and money during orderplacement.Product Handling Knowledge,The audit reports also mention the detailsof warehouses, transportation, product handling, packing, storage and checkinginformation so vendor already knew how and when to dispatch the products to or fromthe factory.Production Capacity Information, The information about the capacityof production of the firm helps the vendor to know how much order they canprovide to a firm as per its capacity and resources.Impact of Factory Audit onBusiness Growth,Customers are wise now and they ask information not only aboutthe product but the firm that produced the product as well. Customers todaybelieve that without knowing the details of firm and product, their order willbe placed like as if they chose to fly blindly, therefore, the companies whohave generated audit reports and financial reports fall among the top ratedcompanies for the customers. It is good to produce defect free products but itis far better to sale them efficiently as well as it is the only motive of abusiness.CIL Provides Accredited Factory Compliance Audit Services in Pune, Maharastra , India. CIL is an ISO 17020 accredited inspection agency for factory compliance audits or vendor audits or supplier audits.

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