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Factory Compliance Auditing In Baddi

Factory Compliance Auditing In Baddi

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Factory Audit is a compulsory process that savestime and money through the improvement of the efficiency and productivity ofimporters and suppliers, minimizes risk by ensuring that suppliers can deliverproducts and services that align with the clients needs and requirements andguarantees quality of products sourced from the supply chain.Factory Audit ofSecurity,1.Global Security Verification (GSV Audit),After the occurrence of theevents on September 11, 2001, both governments and customs organizations aroundthe globe have come up with supply chain security measures aimed at securingtrade, protecting against terrorist acts and combating illegal trafficking.Governmentsand customs organizations have embraced and implemented the enhanced supplychain security standards and criteria, including PIP, AEO and CTPAT. In orderto enforce and adhere to the international supply chain security standards,factories need to access their supply chain so that they can identify, mitigateand get rid of potential risks to security.The Global Security VerificationAudit must involve the use of a cutting edge methodology that promotes bestpractices in the global trade industry. This will enable importers andsuppliers to reduce risks that are connected to cross border movement of goodsand also expediting their arrival at their respective destinations.Theeffective use of resources, structured processes and innovation will go a longway in ensuring that the best GSV Audit is achieved.The integration of multipleglobal chain security initiatives such as CTPAT, PIP and AEO will help inpropelling the development of the global security verification process, whichresults in more developed safety assurance, efficiency, risk control andincreased cost savings.Other benefits of Global Security Verification Auditinclude the following, It helps importers and suppliers to combine efforts viathe same industry platform and collaboration.It gives room for effectivegathering of data, analysis and reporting capabilities. These help in reducingrisk and give room for more informed decision making for all parties involved.GSVAudit reduces audit fatigue by allowing suppliers to share their verificationreports with different importers. This enables them to prioritize the availableresources towards learning and improvement against repeat auditing.It improvesthe efficiency of the audit process and also ensures consistency and betterreporting capabilities.2.Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT)Audit,This form of audit is a voluntary government business initiative that isaimed at building cooperative relationships that improve the security of theinternational supply chain as well as U.S. border.According to Customs TradePartnership Against Terrorism, U.S. Customs and Border Protection are able toprovide the highest form of cargo security via close cooperation with thosethat own the international supply chain (such as carriers, importers, licensedcustoms brokers, consolidators and manufacturers).Businesses must ensure theintegrity of their security practices. They must also communicate and verifythe security guidelines of their partners within the supply chain. Highlightedbelow are the benefits of CTPAT audit, It ensures the security of the supplychain, It verifies the manufacturers compliance,It also improves the securityof the U.S. border.The following conditions must be audited during CTPAT audit,VitalItems, Conveyance Security, Container Security,Physical Access Controls, PersonnelSecurity, Procedural Security, Physical Security, Security and Threat Awareness,Information Technology, Awareness, Security.Companies with CTPAT certificationmust ensure that they have a documented process that will help them indetermining and reducing risk in their international supply chain. This enablesfactories to have low risk, thereby leading to expedited processing of theircargo and Customs examinations.Factory Audit by Big Brands,Big brands likeWalmart, Disney, Macys, Target, Costco and Sears are known for the higheststandard of the supply chain management in the world because they have theirfactory audit system. Your supply chain quality will be improved if yoursuppliers pass one of these brands audits.Although their audit systems areslightly different, they include 3 common parts namely,1.Social ComplianceAudit,Social compliance audits are increasingly becoming an important part ofall global supply chains. They are carried out to in such a way that suppliersare able to evaluate in line with local laws. Social compliance audits aremostly practiced in India. These forms of audits are carried out to ensure thatbusiness partners abide by their organizations commitment to commercial socialresponsibility.Social compliance audits are conducted by professionals that arewell versed in social responsibility audits and adhere to SA8000 internationalstandard. Compliance reduces the risk of contributing to environmental andsocial harm, and its thus best that the supply chain conforms to this form ofaudit.The social compliance audits that are carried out in India involveengagement with the stakeholders, systematic long term approach and transparency.It helps to validate integrity, transparency and consistency.2.Quality ControlAudit,Quality control audit involves the systematic examination of a qualitysystem. It is carried out by an audit team or by an internal or externalquality auditor. It constitutes an important part of a factorys qualitymanagement system. It is also an essential element in the ISO quality systemstandard of a factory.3.Security Audit,Security Audit is an extensive form ofaudit that involves the formal overview of a factorys security systems andprocesses. This form of audit is an all encompassing and in depth review ofphysical attributes, policy and standard operating procedures. It consists ofthe technical and conceptual overview of the factorys security systems andprocesses.

 CDG Provides Accredited Factory compliance Auditing in Baddi , Himachal Pradesh, India. CDG is an ISO 17020 accredited inspection body for factory compliance auditing
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