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Product Quality Inspection

Product Quality Inspection

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product quality inspection is a procedure that involveschecking the various attributes of a product and testing it to ensure that itmeets pre,specified standards. The factorys quality control team, a buyer, ora third,party inspection company like UQSR can conductthis inspection. Many experienced importers send an inspector to the factory tocheck their products before they ship. And here, we discuss how a productquality check works and what you need to know to conduct one. At UQSR, weconduct many of these inspections. Here is a brief summary of ourprocess: Travelto the Facility and Pull Random Samples,We conduct these inspections at the facility that manufactures yourgoods. Therefore, your inspector first needs to travel to the factory, and thenthey pull a random sample of your products for inspection using a method calledAQL sampling, which we explain below. Complete Checks From the InspectionChecklist,Once they have pulled the sample, theyrun through all the tests and checks on your inspection checklist. They checkpackaging and labelling, do a visual inspection, check physical requirements,and more. Completeand Send the Inspection Report,After going through the entire checklist, they put together aninspection report. You receive a copy of this report, which tells you whetherthe goods passed inspection and includes photos of your products and anyrelevant notes.Most commonly, importers conduct these inspections once thefactory has finished production and before the products ship. But you canconduct an inspection before or during production as well.Most often, importerschoose to inspect their goods once the factory finishes production. This way,they can verify the quality of the final goods before they are loaded andshipped overseas. However, there are actually three main types of productquality inspections.Pre,ProductionInspections are conductedbefore production starts, and these inspections can help verify the quality ofraw materials and factory readiness. During Production Inspections are conducted while production isstill underway. These inspections can help you catch defects early and reducedelays. Pre,ShipmentInspections are the mostcommon type of inspection. These are conducted once your goods are 100 percentproduced and at least 80 percent packaged.Each type of inspection has itsbenefits, and some of our customers conduct all three types at different times.Of course, pre,shipment inspections are the most common, and some buyers usethese exclusively. Once the inspector has finished their work, you will receivean inspection report. This report gives your shipment a Pass, Fail, or Holdresult and lists all inspection findings.

You will also see the result of each check they completed, with photosof each step to give you a clear understanding of your goods condition. It iscrucial that you thoroughly review your inspection report, regardless ofwhether it passed or failed inspection. If there are any issues, you will needto work with your supplier to determine corrective actions. 

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