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Green Audit Services in Kota

Green Audit Services in Kota

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Green Audit is the most efficient, economical and ecological way to manage environmental issues. Green Audit Report is one of the useful means of highlighting an organisations allegiance to openness and transparency. The term Green Audit and Environmental Audit mean differently to different people. Green Auditing is a systematic assessment of day to day activity with reference to the utilisation of resources and waste management. Objective: The main objective of the green audit varies with the type of operational activities the organisation performs. For example, in the case of higher educational institutes like Universities, green audit is a part of the internal requirement. Execution of mitigation measures and green auditing is a positive situation for all the colleges, the students, the teachers and the planet. The steps included in a Green Audit, Water audit, Examining the facilities of untreated water intake and determining the facilities for water treatment. Harvesting of water by simply storing and using it at a time of scarcity is one of the best methods. The concerned auditor should look into the relevant method that can be adopted to balance the demand and supply of water. Energy audit, It copes with energy conservation, consumption and related pollution. The auditor targets the acceptance of the best energy consuming methods and finds whether these methods are conservatively using the energy or not. Health audit, Within the institutes, it aims to study and examine occupational diseases and safety measures. The college encourages students to respect the environment and conserves it through plantations. Environmental quality audit, It studies and examines the air quality, noise level and the various programs undertaken by the institute to increase the quality of the environment. To decrease the Carbon dioxide level, we should maintain the Green Belt. Carbon accounting, It undertakes the measure of the majority of Carbon dioxide equivalents exhaled by the institution so that carbon accounting is done. It is very necessary to know how much an institution contributes to sustainable development. In order to make the campus more eco friendly, the auditor should take and practice to lower the Greenhouse Gases. At the Institution level, the green audit focuses on Green Campus, Water Conservation and its Management, Waste Management, Air Pollution, Animal Welfare, Energy Management, Carbon Footprint etc. The above points are implemented by the Institution Management. What is importance of green audit? Green auditing promotes financial savings through reduction of manmade resource and its uses. It gives an opportunity for the development of ownership, personal and social responsibility for the students and teachers. Thus it is imperative that the college evaluates its own contributions towards a sustainable future. Benefits Of Green Audit, Protect the environment and natural resources that are vital to your organisation. Stay compliant with the current environmental and energy laws. Address current or potential future problems that may arise. Identify potential cost savings from waste minimization and other activities. Show your commitment to environmental protection to your customers. The Green Audit aims to analyse environmental practices within and outside the college campus, which will have an impact on the eco-friendly ambience. It was initiated with the motive of inspecting the work conducted within the organizations whose exercises can cause risk to the health of inhabitants and the environment. Through Green Audit, one gets a direction as how to improve the condition of environment and there are various factors that have determined the growth of carrying out Green Audit. Educational institutions have broad impacts on the world around them, both negative and positive. The activities pursued by campus can create a variety of adverse environmental impacts. But they are also in a unique position as educational institutions to be leaders in pursuing environmentally sustainable solutions

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