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GMP Audit Service in India

GMP Audit Service in India

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CIL provides GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) audit in India & abroad. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) audits work to ensure products are made in accordance with  appropriate quality standards and current industry best practices, and that they comply with applicable health authority regulatory requirements and guidance documents. As regulations continue to tighten, authorities are demanding increased vigilance of the pharmaceutical supply chain and emphasizing the need for on site audits. Manufacturers are required to conduct GMP audits of suppliers or have them conducted on their behalf by appropriately qualified and trained auditors. Not only does compliance with GMP help manufacturers meet drug product requirements, but the framework also provides management with information on how effectively the quality of their processes and products are being controlled Every commercial and residential occupancy should formulate a suitable fire escape plan so that every occupant in the building can promptly and safely evacuate the premises in the event of a fire or any other emergency. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) audit is an audit carried out to ensure that the products are consistently produced and controlled according to the quality standards appropriate for their intended use and conform to the regulatory requirements stipulated by health authorities. The manufacturing conditions of products such as medicines, cosmetics, food or medical equipment, which have significant impacts on human health, must meet Good Manufacturing Practices System standards. Hygiene conditions must always be ensured in production. GMP is a standard that includes protective measures for internal and external conditions related to the organization in order to prevent or reduce the possibility of contamination of the product from internal and external sources. Why your Organization would require GMP Audit, Organizations would require GMP Audit in order to attain the below benefits, To ensure compliance with legal requirements. To ensure products are produced in the most accurate methods and under the right conditions and delivered safely to the user in a healthy way. To prevent various confusion and errors during production. Increases companies commitment and employees motivation. Increases employee engagement and production safety awareness. Increases Companies reliability among the public. Attracts more chances for the globalisation of the brand or even stakeholders globally. To gain a competitive advantage in the market against the competitors. What your organization will receive from the service. Provision of expert support and advice which can include, GMP audit report with hygiene rating scorecard. Customized checklist with respect to clients business model. Detailed analysis of Observations and its Recommendations. Pictorial evidence supporting observations. Further progression to Certification. What types of Organizations can undertake this GMP auditing service, The whole intention of this GMP auditing service is to audit all the food businesses under the following 6categories as per FLRS (Food Licensing and Registration System), which are, Dairy Products, Meat and meat products including poultry, Fish and fish products ,including molluscs, crustaceans, and echinoderms, Egg and egg products, Food stuff intended for particular nutritional uses (Food for infant nutrition, etc.), Prepared food (catering, etc.).

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