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Garment Inspection Services In Ludhiana

Garment Inspection Services In Ludhiana

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QUALITY , Ideal condition of excellence. Product quality is based on a product attribute. User based quality is fitness for use,  manufacturing based quality is conformance to requirements, value based quality is the degree of excellence at an acceptable price ISO 9000 2000 Defines it as degree to which a set of inherent characteristics full fill requirement. Quality inspection in apparel industries  Visual examination or review of raw materials, partially finished components of garments and completely finished garments in relation to some standards, specifications, or requirements, as well as measuring garments to check if they meet the required measurement. Quality inspection in apparel industries  , done to control quality of garments. Checking of fabric, sewing thread, button, stitch, zipper, garments size etc according to required standard or specification is known as inspection. Quality inspection is important for every section of apparel industries. Steps in apparel industries to control quality 1. Raw Material Inspection, 2. In Process Inspection, 3. Final Inspection, Raw Material Inspection  , Fabric Inspection , Sewing Thread Inspection, Trims and Accessories check, Fabric Inspection ,  done through Fabric Inspection machine. very important for every industries . In fabric inspection their checks several things i.e. in fabric are there any defect available or not. In fabric, fabric defects viz. off shade or shade variation, hole in fabric, barre effect etc. can be visual after entering into the store room. For those defects it will be problem able for making garments making. In fabric inspection, also check fabric strength, color, quantity To check fabric there are different system i.e. 4 point system, 10 point systematic. Fabric Inspection Machine Overall view of CDG Tilt  A  View Machine. Fabric Inspection Machine Operational view of CDG Tilt  A  View Machine. Fabric Inspection Machine Overall view of CDG True  Matic Inspection Machine. Sewing Thread Inspection During stitching fabric frequently brakeage of sewing thread is one of the great problems for garments manufacturing. So that it is necessary to check , thread construction, sew ability, color, imperfection, finish, package ,density, winding, yardage of sewing thread. Sewing Thread Inspection , In thread construction , thread number, thread ply, thread tenacity, thread elongation, number of twist is necessary to check. Trims and Accessories check , Button, Zippers,  interlining, label and , tags also need to check so that quality can be maintain according to required quality. , For button, button strength, button color, quantity etc are checked. In Process Inspection ,  Inspecting different parts of garments before sewing are called in process inspection. It starts from marker making, than fabric spreading, fabric cutting, fabric sewing, pressing or finishing checking is done in process. marker making, fabric spreading, fabric cutting, sorting, bundling ,fabric sewing, seam defects, assembly defects, pressing, finishing defects. Marking inspection Factors which must be checked ,  It is necessary to check all the parts of garments pattern are in marker.  In marker labelling or coding of pattern should be checked ,  Pattern direction should be checked. The entire pattern are sated correctly. Pattern grain line is very important thing which must be considered during marker making. During marker making every pattern pieces dimension should be accurate. During marker making fabric length and width should be considered. Marker width ,  Notches and drill marks ,  Knife clearance ,  Checks and stripes (mittering).Pattern Grading Defects 1. Grade Not Conforming to Specification measurements Finished product not measuring to specified dimension and component parts not fitting in relationship to notches, openings and seams such as armholes sleeve heads neckbands, neck openings and side seams inseams, waist measurements and etc. 2.Distorted Grading  Unbalanced patterns which would cause twisted seams, puckering, pleating and a general uneconomically adage waste.

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10 days

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Garment quality, colour, design, custom parameters

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