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Fire safety Audit in Aligarh

Fire safety Audit in Aligarh

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CIL Provides Accredited Fire Safety Audit Services in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India. CIL is an ISO 17020 accredited agency for 'fire safety inspection / fire safety audit'. Fire safety audits involve examining your company premises to establish how the buildings are managed with regards to fire safety. Businesses should, therefore, conduct fire safety audits from time to time. In any case, the process should be done at least annually to help reduce the risk of fire and its physical and financial impact.

Regularity of fire safety audits, Fire safety audits are intended to be dynamic and should take into account change. It is advisable to conduct audits in case of significant changes in the workplace. As such, you should the process should be carried out in the event of the following. Changes to the workplace layout or structure of the building. An increase in the number of people in the building. A fire incident or accident. Hazardous substance storage is introduced or changed. Changes to equipment and machinery. An employee with a disability is hired. Fire safety risk assessments should be conducted in all areas of your business premises and all potential hazards should be noted and documented. Appropriate measures should then be taken to reduce the risk of fire and injuries. Fire can have disastrous consequences to businesses and it may take years for you to recover from such an incident. This makes fire safety audits to be of paramount importance. To ensure the correct fire safety and security measures are taken, it is advisable to contact a secretary or fire safety specialist. The main focus of these fire safety audits is, Identify and control ignition sources in areas where flammable chemicals are stored, processed, transferred. Evaluate chemical compatibility of storage areas and recommend appropriate measures to reduce fire damage. Check electrical hazards that may cause a fire. Evaluate fire detection measures taken and recommend appropriate improvements. Verify various active (fire hydrants, sprinklers, portable fire extinguishers) and passive fire protection measures requirements for storage and handling of chemicals and recommend improvements where needed. Verify fire alarm systems and emergency fire protection systems in plants. Review contractor safety awareness (chemical spills, fire protection, emergency communications, knowledge of plant hazards, and safety regulations) and recommend appropriate improvements to improve contractor safety. Benefits of Our Fire Safety Audit. Find out your current compliance with applicable fire safety regulations. Our inspections are based on the NBC of India. Upon completion of the fire safety inspection, you will receive a detailed fire safety audit/inspection report. This will help you determine the need for the repair or replacement of fire safety equipment. THIS CAN INCLUDE, Evidence that fire prevention systems (alarms, sprinklers etc.) have had tests. Records of fire drills and staff training. A fire risk assessment. List of possible and known dangerous substances on the premises. Details of protocol for evacuation in the event of a fire written in a document. A fire safety audit is a tool for assessing the fire safety standards of an organization or building. A comprehensive fire safety audit examines the inherent fire risks of daily operations and recommends measures to reduce potential fire risks. CDG (India) conducts fire safety audits for all types of buildings and industries, including hotels, hospitals, homes, schools, manufacturing plants, chemical plants, power plants, FMCG companies, foundries, mines, etc. The occurrence of fire has the potential to cause serious damage to life and property. A fire safety audit is the most effective tool to assess the fire safety standards of your facility. It helps owners identify areas for improvement and develop action plans, in addition to preparing for emergencies and conducting test drills. CDG (India) consultants regularly conduct fire safety audits for high rise buildings, hotels, banks, small, medium, and large scale industries, etc. Our team conducts fire safety audits based on various IS standards such as Standard for Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System, Code of Practice for Selection, Installation and Maintenance of Emergency Fire Extinguishers, National Building Code, 2005, Code of Practice for Fire Safety of Buildings, and all other relevant safety standards to identify all the hazards that need to be corrected and prevented.

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