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Factory Compliance Audit In Alwar

Factory Compliance Audit In Alwar

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CIL Provides Accredited Factory Compliance Audit Services in Alwar, Rajasthan, India. Factory Compliance Audit does not reduce the responsibility of the provider and CDG to ensure that the costs in any claim for grant are appropriate and have been properly incurred. Compliance Audit System, CDG manages the Factory Compliance Audit programme using a web based IT system. Registered users can access the Compliance Audit system here. Please be mindful that not all browsers support the Compliance Audit system. If you cannot access the system on the browser you are using, please try another browser. The system is accessible to CDG staff and Non CDG staff such as providers and their appointed independent auditors. It provides a communication platform including alerts to users, tracks programme delivery and records annual audit findings and outcomes. Provider user access to the Compliance Audit system is managed through the Investment Management System (IMS) security module. New users will need to be set up by their organisations IMS Security Administrator and will be required to log in with a username and password. Independent auditor access will need to be arranged by the providers nominated Compliance Audit Lead. Avoid delays on your audit Providers are required to complete all set up steps for the Compliance Audit system no later than 5 weeks before the long stop date which is set each year by CDG. Audit programme and process, Compliance Audit follows an annual cycle. 1. Scheme sample selection will take place early in the audit cycle, after which CDG will notify providers of their selection and inform them of the number and type of schemes in their sample. 2. Providers must engage an independent auditor in line with published guidance in Chapter 6 of the Capital Funding Guide, using the standardised form of appointment published there. Compliance Audits are expected to be carried out during the notified period and before the long stop date. Providers must confirm their independent auditor appointment, audit start date and contact details through the Compliance Audit system. Providers and their appointed independent auditors can access the schemes selected for audit in the Compliance Audit system 4 weeks before the audit is scheduled to commence. Each year, CDG organises Compliance Audit training for providers and independent auditors. This is delivered via seminars, training packs, videos and guides. These will give the provider and appointed independent auditor an overview of the programme, details of any updates, information on resources and further information on the audit process. We require all providers being audited and their appointed independent auditors to self certify (via the Compliance Audit system) that they have observed the guidance issued. 3. During the audit, the independent auditor checks each selected scheme for compliance using the CDGs checklists. The Compliance Audit system automatically presents the correct set of questions for each scheme. The independent auditor reviews scheme information contained in the providers files and CDGs Investment Management System (IMS). The independent auditor is required to complete all the questions in the checklist, setting out all audit findings against published CDGs policy and procedures. Independent Auditors may also upload onto the Compliance Audit system documentary evidence in support of their responses to checklist questions. Under no circumstances should the independent auditor share their findings with the provider prior to submission, in any form. Once all questions have been completed, the independent auditor submits their findings through the Compliance Audit system   this should take place within five weeks of the commencement of the audit and before the long stop date. The system then notifies the provider and CDG lead auditor that the findings are available to view. 4. Compliance Audit is not a first line of defence against fraudulent behaviour but occasionally behaviour of this type is identified during audits. If an independent auditor becomes aware of potentially fraudulent behaviour during the audit year or whilst the audit is being undertaken, they should take steps immediately to notify the CDG Compliance Audit team who in turn will notify the relevant CDG contacts. 5. Provider responds to independent auditor findings, Providers will then have 10 working days to respond to independent auditor findings. It is important that providers use this window as an opportunity to review all findings, even where the independent auditor has submitted a yes response. If there is additional information or points to raise, providers can include a response comment via the Compliance Audit system. Providers may also upload onto the Compliance Audit system documentary evidence if it supports their response. If the provider does not respond within the 10 working day window, CDG will form an opinion based solely upon the independent auditor findings and will not be able to take further information into consideration at a later stage.
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