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Electrical safety audit in Amritsar

Electrical safety audit in Amritsar

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CIL ProvidesAccredited Electrical Safety Audit Services in Amritsar, Punjab, India. CIL isan ISO 17020 accredited inspection body for Electrical safety audit and Electricalsafety inspection. Due tothe fact that electricity is such a constant part of our daily lives, it iseasy to take it for granted. It feels comparable to the sun shining over ourheads or the moon coming out at night. Many tend to adopt the same attitudetowards electricity as they do towards the sun and moon, It will take care ofitself. After all who ever heard of a sun technician, But having that sort ofattitude to electricity can be dangerous, even fatal. Every year, thousands ofpeople are fatally injured and suffer damage worth billions because of a lackof electrical safety knowledge. According to Electrical Safety FoundationInternational, electrical outlets and receptacles alone account for more than5,300 home fires, over 100 injuries and at least 40 deaths every single year. Thesun may take care of itself, but the electrical wiring in your home wont. Ifyou want to ensure that you get to enjoy the perks of electricity in a safehome, you have to see that it is properly maintained. How do you go about it, Wethought you would never ask. This ultimate guide to conducting and passing yourelectrical safety inspection shows you  everythingyou need to know about getting that pass mark. What is the point of anelectrical safety inspection anyway, Having an electrical safety inspectiondone on your home might seem like a bother but try not to see it that way,Ensuring that the electrical safety inspection is conducted periodically andproperly is extremely vital for your family and property. Here are some reasonswhy,Protecty our propertyElectrical surges are a commonphenomenon in much of the United States. They cannot only ruin your appliancesbut also create short circuits in your house, leading to fire that can causesevere property damage. The US Fire Administration reported that property ownersin the US suffered more than 23 billion  dollarin property damage from fires in 2017. The majority of the fires were caused bycooking, electrical malfunction and faulty appliances. A simple 2 hourelectrical safety inspection would, however, reveal all the possible points inyour electrical wiring that a short circuit can occur and take care of them. Someone could get hurtElectrical wiring does not lastforever. Due to wear and tear, it deteriorates along with its associatedaccessories. This deterioration can lead to nasty experiences such as electricshock or fire. In such situations, either a guest in your home or someone inyour family could get seriously injured or even die. According to the US FireAdministration, there were more than 1.3 million fire incidents in the US in2017. Of this number,364, 300 were home fires and 6.5 percent of those fireswere caused by electrical malfunction. You have a legal dutyThe law also mandates that you keepyour house safe, especially where it concerns guests. Apart from this, many USstates have local legislation that requires all homeowners to maintain certainelectrical standards in their homes. Failure to maintain the required standardscan result in stiff sanctions such as fines. Periodic electrical safetyinspections can help ensure that your electrical wiring and appliances are upto the applicable standards. You could get suedIf a fire breaks out in your home and spreads to neighbouring propertyor if there is an electrical incident and someone gets hurt, you could findyourself paying far more in damages than you would have for a simpleresidential electrical inspection. All these reasons just go to emphasize thefact that having your household wiring inspected periodically is absolutelyvital. In this next section, we will go over what the inspection will involve. Whatdo electrical safety inspections entail,Anelectrical safety inspection refers to a thorough check up of all theelectrical connections, wiring and appliances in your home. It is like havingthe doctor come over to give your home a thorough once over. Usually, theinspection would be conducted by an electrical inspector duly authorized certifiedin your municipality. The inspector will be responsible for conducting a fullcheck of your house to ensure they comply with the National Electrical Code(NEC).The National Electrical Code is part of the National Fire Code seriespublished by the National Fire Protection Association. Although it is calledNational, the Code is not actually a federal law, or a law in any generalsense. It is however adoptable and has been adopted by several US states. Onceadopted, the Code becomes a part of local law so that failure to adhere tothese standards will be sanctioned. The inspectorwould usually examine your electrical installations and give them a pass   faildepending on whether they are up to standard. They would also provide a reporton the overall condition of your wiring. For an average sized house, the entireinspection and testing process takes between 2 4 hours on average. How long theprocess takes would, however, depend on the size of your home and anyadditional buildings on your property.

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