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BIFMA Testing service in Kanpur

BIFMA Testing service in Kanpur

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CIL provides accredited BIFMA testing services in Kanpur,Uttar Pradesh, India. CIL is the only accredited testing laboratory in India toconduct BIFMA test. CIL is an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory. CIL isthe worlds leading third party testing company, which provides customizedanalysis and testing solutions for office furniture, outdoor furniture,childrens furniture, bedroom furniture, upholstered furniture formanufacturers, distributors and consumers.

Furniture Testing

Furniture is an indispensable equipment for life, work andstudy. Furniture generally has two functions, one is direct use function, theother is decoration function. Consumers mainly evaluate the value of a piece offurniture based on these two functions. The decorative function of furniturecan be evaluated directly by vision, but it is difficult to evaluate the usefunction. For example, whether the size of furniture is appropriate, whether itis safe to use, whether the quality can be durable, and so on, these internalquality problems related to the use of functions, it is difficult to easily cometo a conclusion. Therefore, both consumers and producers require the use oflaboratory testing methods to evaluate certain properties of furniture based onstandards. That is to investigate whether the furniture is stable, firm anddurable enough under the normal use condition. Most national standardsstipulate the methods and indicators of furniture testing. For example, the HouseholdGoods Quality Labelling Act and Consumer Protection Basic Law issued by Japanrequire that furniture leave the factory must have a quality guaranteecertificate, the indicators must comply with the national standards, and thosewho do not comply with or practice fraud will be punished.

CIL testing capabilities include but not limited to, Size, Thesize of furniture directly affects the function of furniture use. Stability, Stabilityis an indicator to ensure the safety of furniture in use. Rigidity, The abilityof furniture to resist deformation under static load is the rigidity offurniture. Structural strength, This is a key property of furniture. Itconsists of two meanings, one is the carrying capacity of the furniture, andthe other is the ability of the furniture to repeatedly resist. Durability, Mainlyto test the elastic fatigue resistance of upholstered furniture elasticmaterials. Comfort property, Whether or not to eliminate fatigue when usingfurniture is related to comfort. Flexibility, It is just a performance for somefurniture parts. For example, whether the drawer push and pull is difficult,whether the door switch is flexible, and so on. Surface property, Aftertreating the surface of furniture, it should have a certain degree ofresistance to some bad conditions that may be encountered in use. Processingquality, The fine degree of furniture processing, the quality of structuraljoint, finishing, decorative effect and wrapping technology, etc. Others, Forexample, some furniture should be equipped with electrical equipment, so theelectrical insulation and voltage resistance of certain parts should also betested to ensure safety.

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